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Piano. Push. Play + CAS 280W

While working within FloCo's website (which is still in progress), one of my primary contacts lamented about not finding any worthy interns for another project. Learning how to speak up for myself, I quickly said, I'm on the hunt for an internship that is required for my degree at PCC.

Interestingly enough, this contact did work as an adjunct professor for PCC for a while and loved the ability to assist me in fulfilling the requirements needed to ensure I graduated on time and with high marks.

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An interesting turn of events...

I'm still doing design work for PDXWIT, but things have changed for the better.

How, you may ask... well.

I went to a lunch meeting where we discussed the needs of the non-profit and what the board of directors wanted to see moving forward. Arriving early and securing a table, I was prepared to discuss what I needed to move forward with what I need as far as color, fonts, photo usage and the like for the brand guide. My preparation wasn't needed however. 

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New Client! So exciting!


Recently, I responded to a post in a FaceBook group I belong to. Within this post, there was a call to action and I immediately responded for multiple reasons (which I will illustrate later.) The call to action was to create a brand guide for PDX Women In Tech. They are a meetup group that gets together to network and talk about technology within the Portland area. It's a fantastic group of empowering women who's goal is to celebrate and encourage like minded individuals in multiple different fields. I have attended a few of their events and have always walked away with a great feeling of camaraderie and excitement for being a techy sort of person.

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