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Treehouse Learning: Day 3

Momentum has slowed today due to being out of the house and not being home until well past 5pm or 6pm. I didn't get started on my daily learning until about 8pm. By this time having been up since early (for me!) this morning, I didn't get a full day of work in. I did do some and found myself struggling a little. Functions day, what can you do.

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Treehouse learning: Days 1 + 2

Recently, I attended a code workshop through PDXWIT. It was really fun and I discovered how much I didn't know about code. The workshop was constructed on the premise of learning together using pair programming and getting a taste of different languages of code. Using Conway's game of life as a way to construct the code. 

I was excited to learn more about JavaScript because of friends who have recently gone through code school and become full stack JavaScript developers.

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