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  “  simplicity in design, this is my passion.  ”

— Hello! I'm Meghan. A designer from Portland who loves to code and write haiku! —

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Portland, Oregon
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Welcome to my site, I am glad you are here! 
This is my design portfolio, please feel free to look around.

My name has an 'h' in the middle. I am proud of the 'h'. I like the 'h'. It sets me apart. My simple and effective design esthetic also sets me apart.

First and foremost, I am a Designer + Artist. I have at least five years of graphic design, web design, and agency experience. I am also highly skilled in composition, development, and implementation of creative work into dynamic and interesting designs for print + web. I really love creating something beautiful and have a passion for simplicity in the designs I create.

A little background, after graduating from Bradley University with a Bachelor's in Graphic Design, I excelled in creating compelling designs, layout, illustration, and logos. A few years later, I decided to return to school to learn more about web design and development. I also have an additional five years of technical customer service experience in fast paced, high tech, and retail environments. I am an expert in troubleshooting theory within the confines of current web technologies and website creation with a CMS or with hand coding.

Hailing from rainy yet wonderful Portland, Oregon, I also find enjoyment in writing as well.

I will sometimes write observations about life in haiku:

Creating designs.
My passion, my work, my life.
Please do take a look...


Services I Provide:

Creative Design + Art Direction
Graphic Design
Marketing Expertise
SEO Techniques


PDXWIT (PDX Women In Tech)
Piano. Push. Play.
Megan Diana
Community Cycling Center
Slingshot Sports
Mercer Delta ELC



Code + Technical Expertise:

JQuery + JavaScript
PHP + Wordpress Development
Squarespace Website Creation + Development
Adobe Creative Suite