a visual ux design portfolio | by Meghan Lewis


“simplicity in design, this is my passion.”

— Hello! I'm Meghan. A visual ux designer from Portland who loves to code and write haiku! —

meg {at}
Portland, Oregon
Current Availability: I'm not available for fulltime work! (Contact me for small projects, I may have time!)


Welcome to my site, I am glad you are here!

This is my design portfolio, please feel free to look around.

My name has an 'h' in the middle. I am proud of the 'h'. I like the 'h'. It sets me apart. My simple and effective design esthetic also sets me apart.

First and foremost, I am a Designer + Artist. I have at least five years of graphic design, web design, and agency experience. I am also highly skilled in composition, development, and implementation of creative work into dynamic and interesting designs for print + web. I really love creating something beautiful and have a passion for simplicity in the designs I create.

A little background, after graduating from Bradley University with a Bachelor's in Graphic Design, I excelled in creating compelling designs, layout, illustration, and logos. A few years later, I decided to return to school to learn more about web design and development. I also have an additional five years of technical customer service experience in fast paced, high tech, and retail environments. I am an expert in troubleshooting theory within the confines of current web technologies and website creation with a CMS or with hand coding.

Hailing from rainy yet wonderful Portland, Oregon, I also find enjoyment in writing as well.

I will sometimes write observations about life in haiku:

Creating designs.
My passion, my work, my life.
Please do take a look...


Services I Provide:

Creative Design + Art Direction
Visual Design
Marketing Expertise
SEO Techniques


Pounder Realty
Publications Professionals
Vue Space 3D
PDXWIT (PDX Women In Tech)
Piano. Push. Play.
Megan Diana
Community Cycling Center
Slingshot Sports
Mercer Delta ELC

Code + Technical Expertise:

JQuery + JavaScript
PHP + Wordpress Development
Squarespace Website Creation + Development
Adobe Creative Suite