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Learning History Through Video Gameplay



Learning History Through
Video Gameplay

Multimedia Authoring + Coding

Client: Self
Role: Design Lead, Graphic Designer
Assets Delivered: Final HTML, CSS + Edge Animate Files, Images, Video, Music Files

Tools: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Premier, Edge Animate
Code: HTML, CSS, JQuery, + JavaScript
Year: 2015 - 2016

The MM 140 course furthered my studies in multimedia, animation, and presentation design. Creating a fully interactive website that would explore learning history and how we can use video games to further educate.

Learning History through the interactive use of video games isn't a new concept. It was one I looked to explore due to learning in this way is a very valid way to educate people. This is especially true with language. A requirement of this specific course was to build a fully functional interactive projects with animations, video, and sound to enhance and bring interest to the subject were required. It was considered to be a final project and something that could be added to a portfolio.


Project Requirements

The requirements of the interactive project were: at least 5 screens of interactivity, some animating features, at least 1 video, sound playing throughout, and an interesting subject to showcase.

My resulting project ended up with around 25 screens of interactivity, every screen was animated in some way with some clickable buttons, 2 videos, 3 different pieces of music, and a subject that was well researched and thought out to showcase. It was an ambitious project and seeing it through to completion was exhilarating.


The Process...

This project began with an idea. Playing through the second game of the Assassin's Creed series, I recalled some of the Italian language with ease due to how it was presented. I was able to learn short phrases and words by keeping subtitles turned on (in English) and listening to what was spoken (in Italian). Specific words and phrases were then repeated quite a few times during gameplay. Repetition is a key in learning, and this repetition proved successful as I was able to naturally recall these words and phrases.

Running with that idea, while taking Multimedia during my last few terms at PCC, I decided this would be a really fun project to explore. Thus, my 6 month project began...

Starting simply, and with MM 110 + 120, they had me create a mood board/book and flesh out the project ideas in writing. This was a way to set the stage for the project itself.



Creative Directors: Beth Fitzgerald (PCC Instructor) + Greg Walters (PCC Instructor)
Graphic Designer, Animator, Illustrator, + Website Programmer: Meghan Lewis
Photography: Ubisoft Inc.

Fun Facts

The idea for this project started shortly after playing Assassin's Creed 2, I found myself remembering specific phrases and landmarks shown in the game. Understanding that repetition is one of the keys to learning, I found these pieces of information easily recalled.