Melew Design
a design portfolio | by Meghan Lewis





Logo Design | Brand Identity
Marketing Materials

Client: PDXWIT (PDX Women In Tech)
Role: Design Lead, Graphic Designer
Assets Delivered: Illustrator files, PDFs, PNGs

Tools: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop,
           Adobe InDesign
Year: 2016


Creating a lasting identity is something I absolutely love to do. I was selected to do this for the up-in-coming meetup group PDXWIT (PDX Women In Tech.) Being approached to do this has been a wonderful honor and I am loving the experience. Coupled with the recent development of becoming an official Non-Profit in the State of Oregon, the board also decided to have a new logo and brand identity designed to enhance this recent development.

At first it felt rather daunting, but quickly became exciting because I'd be able to create something visual that was explicitly Portland-esque and inclusive to the tech community as a whole.

Identity + Branding

Primary Logos


Secondary Logos


The Process...

We started out simply. Beginning with the concept for the primary logo. I developed a few ideas with Portland and surrounding areas being the concept for the design. Attempting to be inclusive, we went through utilizing the beginnings (at a bar), the Portland skyline (ended up being too many similar buildings and in silhouette they all looked the same), and ultimately settled upon the Mt. Hood profile. 

The non-profit is inspired by inclusion, diversity, technology, and the beautiful state we live in, using that as the basis, it was easy to find a good concept.

A secondary logo was also developed alongside the primary logo to be used in specific ways where the primary wouldn't fit.


Branding Guide

Shortly after the logo was developed, we began work on how the logos would be used. 


Marketing Materials

As the meetup group grew, so did the need for a variety of marketing materials. These included stickers, information cards, headers for mailings, and online announcements. All of which needed to follow the brand guidelines.  

 PDXWIT Newbie Sticker — New attendees sticker

PDXWIT Newbie Sticker — New attendees sticker

 2017 Summer Soiree — Announcement Card

2017 Summer Soiree — Announcement Card

 2017 Holiday Card — Announcement Card

2017 Holiday Card — Announcement Card


Advertising and Sponsorship

Over the past year, the group has grown exponentially. Due to this expansive growth, advertising became a possibility. PDXWIT was approached by Portland Monthly to have published ads at the ready as filler in case it was needed. I was tasked with creating an inclusive ad campaign showcasing our members and attendees. It will be published in Portland Monthly magazine as options for ad filler on different pages. Sizes ranged from full page/bleed to tiny little corner ads. 



While membership grew, so did the monthly expenses to run the non-profit. The need for a professionally created document to showcase tiers became necessary. Using the inclusive campaign for Portland Monthly and the Brand Guide as inspiration, I was able to easily create a rich and inviting document to entice possible sponsors into fully committing to PDXWIT and their message of inclusion in tech.




Co-Founder + President: Megan Bigelow
Creative Director: Adrienne Barnett
Graphic Design Lead: Meghan Lewis


Fun Facts

Being a part of the PDXWIT community has been such a great experience for me. During the development of the logo, I recommended to my creative director that to keep in touch (for immediate changes) it would be very convenient to have an official Slack Channel. That idea was then presented to the rest of the PDXWIT team and they loved it! Since then, it has become very popular and utilized by not only job seekers looking for a way to develop relationships with companies, but it also keeps the community well connected. Not only have I had the pleasure of being PDXWIT's Design Lead, I am also on the Event Photography team as well.