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Summit the Cascade

A talk about CSS hosted + Presented by developer Andrew Hedges

March 26th, 2016:

Recently, I attended a talk at the Epicodus code school by successful web developer, Andrew Hedges. He is most known for work at a certain "Cupertino based Fruit Company" and a company that specializes in Animation and Princesses.

His talk focused mainly on CSS and making it less of an enigma. I found it a wonderful refresher on why it does what it does and how it should be viewed instead as a wonderful tool and list of rules to enhance sites, not hinder them.

The title of the talk was "Summit the Cascade"

Beginning the talk with the question: "In Cascading Style Sheets, what is the 'cascade'?" He asked this of the audience to get a temperature of the room and to gain our understanding of what it is and what it does.

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