a visual ux design portfolio | by Meghan Lewis


Back in the Design Game!

Volunteer as a Designer for a Good Cause? Sure!

I recently accepted a Volunteer position doing design projects for the non-profit: Community Cycling Center. I had a wonderful conversation with them over the phone. I also noticed that my nervousness and excitement for the possibility didn't cause any concern on their part, which was good. I believe I came across as enthusiastic about developing a relationship with them and excited to work on design with them.

I was very nervous about the call, but I understood that if I wasn't selected, that interviewing for freelance clients was good practice.

My first project after the initial phone call was to develop a series of slides for presentations they make to create interest within the biking community as well as a way to showcase the company in a positive way for business interests.

The previously created slides while still good and keeps to their company stylesheet, they weren't quite what they were looking for.

They wanted something more professional and versatile. I was happy to oblige. They then sent along the previously designed slides and their stylesheet shortly thereafter.