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Wedding Guestbook



Wedding Guestbook

Book Design + Layout
Japanese Slab Style Bookbinding

Client: Self, Lewis-Hart Wedding
Role: Graphic Designer
Assets Delivered: InDesign Files, PDFs

Tools: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign
Year: 2015

Traditionally, a wedding guestbook was used to document and record guests as they arrived to the wedding so the bride and groom could easily send thank you notes to guests for their attendance. It has also been used as a way to gather contact information and updates from family and friends.

Scouring bookstores and craft stores for the perfect guestbook for my wedding, I was not successful in finding one that fit my aesthetic or theme. I came to the conclusion rather quickly that something unique would cost a great deal to have made, so why not do it myself. Using previous bookbinding experience and print design skill, I set to work creating my own unique book to display. The book was a success and looked beautiful on display. 



Creative + Art Directors: Meghan Lewis, John Hart
Graphic Designer, Bookbinder: Meghan Lewis
Photographer: Meghan Lewis, John Hart, Barbara Hart

Fun Facts

Becoming frustrated at the lack of guestbooks for nerds available at local bookstores and shops, I decided to create my own. It allowed me to also put my excitement and attention into something very unique to us and our wedding.