Melew Design
a design portfolio | by Meghan Lewis


OMSI Shuttle

Seasonal Bus Route
Marketing Materials for Bus Route Launch

Clients: TriMet, OMSI
Role: Graphic Designer, Photographer
Assets delivered: Final Illustrator Files, Images + Photography, Identity + Branding, PDFs

Tools: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, digital camera
Year: 2008


TriMet's creative department needed marketing materials created for a temporary bus line from the Rose Quarter to OMSI (Oregon Museum of Science & Industry) and back again. This bus line would run during the Summer of 2008 from July to September. Signage was created for the sides of buses (also known as Bus Kings) and for bus stops, advertising was developed for inside of Max trains and on other bus lines. Marketing pieces included: custom logo specific to the shuttle and advertising within local publications.


Ad Campaign + Specialty Logos...

Working as a contractor at TriMet, I created an ad campaign and marketing peripherals for the seasonal OMSI shuttle that ran during the Summer of 2008. This included Ads for Buses and Trains, Newspaper Ads, and a specialty logo.

  TriMet | OMSI Shuttle Specialty Logo
OMSI Shuttle Sign | In the Wild!

Weekly Ads + Rider Brochures

Along with the launch of the line and installation of the signs, advertising was included in local newspapers including the Willamette Week and a brochure was created for riders to use.

Willamette Week ad

Willamette Week ad


TriMet | OMSI Shuttle Brochure Front/Back

TriMet | OMSI Shuttle Brochure Inside



Art Director: Debbie Huntington
Graphic Designer: Meghan Lewis
Photographer: Meghan Lewis

Fun Facts

Collaborating with OMSI creative was really fun. They loved the logo I developed and the shuttle line was quite a success.