Melew Design
a design portfolio | by Meghan Lewis

Piano. Push. Play.



Piano. Push. Play.

Website Redesign

Client: Piano. Push. Play.
Role: Web Designer
Assets Delivered: Uploads to site CMS, Images

Tools: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Squarespace
Year: 2016

While working on another project, one of the members approached me with a need to create and update to their website. They were looking to employ an intern to redesign the site, create a cohesive look for internal pages, and also encourage page views through SEO.

My first round of tasks was to create a 'Save the Date' landing page for the upcoming kick off concert for the project's summer season.

This project continued through the summer season, and required around 3 weeks to develop, plan, design and provide deliverables which were tracked and marked via Trello.


Doing Some Spring Cleaning

When I began work on the site, it didn't appear to have a cohesive look. It certainly did have some theme to it though. I was hired to clean it up, implement new features, and begin utilizing best SEO techniques.


The Process...

Every week, I would meet with my art director and we would discuss the tasks for the following week. Everything discussed would be added to the Trello board and divided up amongst the team members.


Finishing up + Results

At the end of the season, it was bittersweet. The 2016 Summer season had it's ups and downs, quite a few pianos survived, Weird Al played on one of them, and we parted ways until next year (that was the sad part.)



Founder + Creative Director: Megan McGeorge
Art Director: Al Zimmerman
Graphic Designer, Web Designer + Programmer: Meghan Lewis
Photographer: Megan McGeorge, Benji Vuong, Al Zimmerman

Fun Facts

When Wierd Al Yankovic was in town, he played some tunes on a piano named Fiona. We tried to get in contact with his manager to no avail. At least there is an epic picture of him playing. (We were thrilled he enjoyed the piano!) Each of the pianos felt like our pets and we all became extremely protective of them throughout the season. After the season ended, the pianos are donated to centers and art spaces much to our delight... insofar as calling these their forever homes like the humane society does.