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Megan Diana



Megan Diana

Website Design

Client: Megan Diana McGeorge
Role: Web Designer
Assets Delivered: Uploaded files to CMS

Tools: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Squarespace
Year: 2016

Working together on the Piano. Push. Play. project, Megan contacted me to create a simple website for her music releases and projects to showcase. Using the logo as inspiration, we created photography with a focal color and kept everything very simple. She didn't want a lot showcased yet, but wanted a site created on Squarespace for ease of use. We had a weekend to come up with a concept, create the site and launch it within the week after. Generally working on such a tight deadline can create some interesting outcomes, but since we communicated our needs to each other so quickly, the site came together really well.

Megan Diana - Home

Simplicity is Key

Beginning work on Megan's site, we came together on a singular concept, simplicity is key in showcasing her music. First and foremost, she is a pianist and composer and she really wanted to emphasize this. Ultimately, we both decided that black and white images with a small splash of color (pink) was the direction to go. We came to the idea that the contrast of the simplistic site and the unchanged videos, her message would come through and be emphasized through use of spot color.

Megan Diana - About
Megan Diana - Project

The Process...

Spending a weekend putting together all the assets, we were able to launch the site the following Monday. Megan provided the images, I manipulated them to fit within her brand color scheme. We walked through connecting the domain and everything was set to be live by launch.

Megan Diana - Home

Finishing up + Results

Even with the quick turn around time, we were able to launch the site rather quickly. She was ultimately very pleased with the site and continues to advertise it alongside creating her music.

Megan Diana - Music
Megan Diana - Video


Founder: Megan McGeorge
Web Designer: Meghan Lewis
Photography: Megan McGeorge, Benji Vuong

Fun Facts

Megan McGeorge contacted me because of our work together on her Piano. Push. Play. project. Pink is Megan's favorite color and we used it throughout the site to emphasize certain elements. Contrary to popular belief, you can utilize HTML, CSS, JQuery, and javascript code in Squarespace. Doing so is an advanced modification and should be used sparingly. (Their customer support will not provide any code help, i.e. you're on your own if you add any external code.) Sometimes though, the code will even cease working and the reason for this may be due to specific template and CMS updates. Fun times!