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in Progress

Designs in Progress

Round One: Setting the Stage

Creative Brief + Solution: Round One

Beginning work on the slides for Community Cycling Center, I began simply with the design. As is my process, I provided three different options to present the information. The direction I was given was to keep to their stylesheet but create something professional that they could use as way to garner interest and encourage donations/revenue.

A previous intern provided some slide layout, but it was more illustrative in nature and they were looking for something more professional.


This round took around one hour to complete.

Assets + Deliverables

Created a PDF and emailed it to Community Cycling Center's marketing director


Programs + Applications: Photoshop, Illustrator
Design techniques applied: Grid design, Negative space utilization, Adherence to company stylesheet

Version One: The Blue Border...

Looking up professional slides online as inspiration, found a nice technique of displaying information. The blue border along with an overlapping grey bar allowed for a cohesive look from slide to slide.

The blue and orange were the same colors as what was provided as primary CCC colors according to their stylesheet.

Version Two: The Stylesheet as Inspiration...

Using the stylesheet as inspiration, attempted to replicate the same look and feel. The execution wasn't as strong as the other versions.

Version Three: Another approach...


The very last version was a little more experimental compared to the other two versions. Here I wanted to emphasize the idea of simplicity.

It could be added to the other versions as a break or introduction slide.