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Round Two: Starting to Design, Specifically

Creative Brief + Solution: Round Two

After sending along the first round of slide drafts, they sent along a fantastic critique and outlined what they liked and what they wanted to see in the next round.

Things they loved:

  • Mixture of black & white photos and font color and border color. Basically it sounded like they liked the overall layout.

Things they want to see adjusted:

  • Font size and less text/paragraphs.
  • More negative space/white space.
  • Uncertain about the use of black & white photos and whether they lose the impact or vibrancy.

(I disagree with this assessment of black & white photography, and feel as though the color photo may potentially distract the audience. Though understand the sentiment and proceeded with providing the next round with their requested adjustments.)

They went on to request:

  • An intro slide that was more vibrant with color.
  • A text only slide without any imagery, though perhaps with some graphical element.
  • A photographic slide with 1-2 photo layout.
  • A transition slide in between topics.


This round took five hours to complete.

Assets + Deliverables

Created a PDF and emailed it to Community Cycling Center's marketing director


Programs + Applications: Photoshop, Illustrator
Design techniques applied: Grid design, Negative space utilization, Adherence to company stylesheet

Round Two Drafts: