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Your dogged private investigators! Woof Woof!


Occasionally I will receive referrals from businesses around the Portland, OR area. This logo was one such occasion. Joel Manley from HubHound reached out to me through a referral he received for design work he needed done. He had a list of ideas on creating his brand and making them a reality.

We started out simply, beginning with the concept for the primary logo. I developed a few ideas with using dogs and hounds as inspiration and then becoming the concept for the design. Attempting to use his ideas and putting them "on paper," we went through the silhouettes of hounds, sheilds, and finally using a magnifying glass. We went through only two iterations on the design, ending upon the footprint being viewed through a magnifying glass.
This business is inspired by simplicity, technology, and is definitely on the move. Our next project is developing the website based on the logo and will be launched very soon. Working with HubHound was easy and we quickly were able to find a good concept.

A secondary logo was also developed alongside the primary logo to be used in specific ways where the primary wouldn't fit.


This referral also came to me from friends I worked with at the Apple Store. Being on their short list of local designers, they sent Joel my way and we met for coffee. They have been a wonderful client to work for and I truly enjoy creating beautiful design work for them.

Being selected to work with Joel after being a referral has been a wonderful and thrilling experience, I have been allowed creative freedom, looked upon as the expert, and work collaboratively with the owners to create something very beautiful.


TIMELINE: Project began in 2019

ROLE: Brand/Graphic Designer

SCOPE: Brand Identity, Logo Design

TOOLS: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop

ASSETS: AI files, PDFs, PNGs



Shortly after the logo was developed, we began work on how the logos would be used.


Creating variants of the logos is just as important as the development of the initial two logos. They all need to work at any scale, in single color scenarios, and embody the original intent of the logo. Though there are different variants of the main logo, they all must be connected to the brand and maintain the brand style.


After the development of the logos, the client was thrilled with how it looked and extremely excited and thrilled about working with me on more projects.

I can’t tell you how thankful I am for you and impressed with the work you have done so far. Finding Meghan was a true blessing.
— Joel Manley, CEO & Founder: HubHound



Co-Founder + President: Joel Manley
Graphic Designer: Meghan Lewis

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