Melew Design
a design portfolio | by Meghan Lewis

Full Stack PDX




Identity + Branding

Client: Full Stack PDX
Role: Graphic Designer
Assets Delivered: Illustrator files, PDFs, PNGs

Tools: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop
Year: 2017


Tweeting to the universe, Fullstack PDX asked for a logo that they could use in their presentations and online. I responded in kind because I was intrigued and learning to code on my own. Working closely with the meetup group's leader, we arrived at a fun logo that they adore.

I attended one of their meetings and presented the logo (as they require all new folks to present something they are working on.) They loved it and continue to use it (even getting stickers printed!)


Pancakes? Why Pancakes?

Inspiration can take all forms. In talking with Chris, and while reading about the meetup group, I found out they really like pancakes. Well, who doesn't. At first I created a stack that evolved into a database like icon. Presenting this, they just wanted something that was exactly pancakes. Nothing more, nothing less.


Logo in action!



Creative + Art Director: Chris Hough
Graphic Designer: Meghan Lewis

Fun Facts

I was linked to this meetup through a friend and colleague. Once we began work, it was easy to implement my idea.