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Deanna Najman



Mt. Tabor Consulting +
Deanna Najman

Web Redesign

Client: Mt. Tabor Consulting, Deanna Najman
Role: Graphic Designer, Web Designer
Assets Delivered: Illustrator files, PDFs, PNGs

Tools: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Squarespace
Year: 2016

Revisiting a website for redesign is an interesting step. In this case, what was once a good way to layout a site became extremely unusable nowadays with mobile browsing. Deanna approached me once again to reconfigure her site so she could easily make changes within her own schedule.

Setting her up with a Squarespace site, we quickly set to work creating and expanding upon the identity she loved. Our next steps being to teach her on the ins and outs of maintaining her site and using it as a way to blog about her industry.


The Design

After setting the mood and deciding on a color scheme, I was then tasked with writing a short report on the target audience and persona of the person (or persons) viewing the project. Going into specifics as far as a project goal, figuring out the demographics, and even ethnographic of the target audience.


The Process...

Getting to work, they provided me with a wealth of feedback about what they wanted to see and I delivered 3 digital versions of the logo after drawing them out with a pencil, colored pencils, and paper. Quite often, my strongest logos and ideas are derived from ones I draw out at first, and since I wanted this to be something really fantastic, I began with drawing out inspirations.


Finishing up & Results

Deanna wrote a recommendation on LinkedIn:

Meghan is amazing both creatively and technically. A trained graphic designer who has gone above and beyond in the technical-side of website development and branding. She provided me an excellent consulting website in the medical device field that reflects my personal and professional achievements. She is personable, is the the voice of the customer and is artistically and technically gifted. She has worked for Fortune 500 companies, start-ups, tech sector darlings, and individuals like me to help build my brand and clientele.

August 11th, 2016, Deanna is Meghan's client


Creative Director: Deanna Najman
Graphic Designer, Web Designer + Programmer: Meghan Lewis
Photographer: Deanna Najman, Meghan Lewis

Fun Facts

The previous design was very similar to the outcome of this one. But, it used a very old way of laying out websites. One that would not look very nice on mobile phones. I am so glad I was able to revisit this site and make really fantastic updates.