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Danielle Heberling

Danielle Heberling

Website Design, Animation
Identity + Branding

Client: Danielle Heberling
Role: Graphic Designer, Web Designer
Assets Delivered: Final HTML + CSS files, Images, Edge Animate files, Identity

Tools: Adobe Dreamweaver,  Photoshop, Illustrator, Edge Animate
Code: HTML, CSS, JQuery, + JavaScript
Year: 2015

With an interest in creating animations that could be view-able on iOS, I decided to take a few courses in Multimedia and Web animation. CAS 175E focused mainly on the creation of animation for web/online use. Primarily utilizing Adobe Edge Animate as the vehicle to create dynamic and interesting animations. 

A requirement of this specific course was to build a fully functional website with added animations to enhance and bring interest to the subject were required. It was considered to be a final project and something that could be added to a portfolio.

Contacting a developer colleague, I positioned designing their site for them beginning with creating a logo and identity first then moving onto creating a well designed site.



Working alongside Danielle was fun. We came together with our ideas and figured out a good look for the site that emphasized her newly acquired skills as a developer and set her apart when applying for work.



Three animations were to be added with the expectation that they be of a specific nature. One should be of a slideshow, one of a navigation element, and one for fun that is an example of their personality and their passions.


Finishing up + Results

In conjunction with the site launch; a logo, letterhead, and business cards were created for Danielle to utilize when sending out information about her projects, for use when job hunting, and making freelance bids.

Danielle wrote a recommendation for me on LinkedIn:

Meghan designed a portfolio site for me to showcase some of my web development projects. Not only was she extremely knowledgable about design and using the Adobe Creative suite, she patiently listened to my needs and translated them into a clean, elegant design.

Her professionalism and passion for creating beautiful things has not only produced an amazing product for myself, it has also inspired me to learn more about different design practices. She has my glowing recommendation as a creative professional with amazing interpersonal skills and also as a wonderful human being.

March 26, 2016, Danielle was Meghan's client


Creative Director: Patti DeAngelis (PCC Instructor)
Art Director: Danielle Heberling
Graphic Designer, Web Designer, Animator + Programmer: Meghan Lewis
Photographer: Danielle Heberling

Fun Facts

Collaborating with Danielle opened up a great deal of possibilities for both of us. I was able to provide something beautiful for a good friend and she provided some much needed positive and constructive feedback in client relations.