Melew Design
a design portfolio | by Meghan Lewis


Wordpress Webpage Design
Marketing Materials

Role: Web Designer
Assets Delivered: Wordpress Webpage Design, Photography

Tools: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop
Year: 2017

Sometimes I am contracted to create very small and simple pages or fixing sites or pages for clients. In this scenario, Chicktech needed someone to come in and make the fairly ordinary list of kit contents into something more visually interesting. I was pleased to have this opportunity to help out with a single simple webpage.

Helping out and providing my expertise where I am needed (especially for non-profits) is something I really thrive on and love.


The Process & Results

Getting started on this small project, we began by having me take pictures of the individual kit contents. From there, the page flowed together quite well. They wanted it to be simple and effective, allowing for people to find out the basics about the kit and where to go to download important pieces needed to complete it. The top image asset and the bottom rollover imagery was provided to me, the layout and rest of the photography was created and provided by me.


Marketing Materials

As my relationship with Chicktech grew, so did the need for a variety of marketing materials. I became their go to designer for a variety of needs. These included teaching, information cards, presentation design, and online announcements. All of which needed to follow their brand guidelines. 



Creative + Art Director: Cindy Arias & Janice Levenhagen
Photography: & Meghan Lewis
Web Designer: Meghan Lewis

Fun Facts

I met Janice and Cindy at Act-W. Janice was wearing some shoes that I also owned and loved. We found out from each other that we had both two pairs of the same because we loved them so much. Bonding over shoes!