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This is my blog, it is mostly about my craft projects, but I will be also adding in some design related articles here. Stay Tuned!

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So in a previous post I mentioned I was thinking of starting over. I spoke with someone who is really into crafts and this is what she said:

"This project is huge. It is very challenging, is a big project for someone who hasn’t stitched in a long time, and what you are doing is amazing. Cut yourself some slack. Only you will see those mistakes and you can remember them, fondly."

Now I am a perfectionist and I have been making a few adjustments here and there. Nothing notable, I’m just concerned that it will be more evident as I continue.

So what did I do? I purchased a higher quality scroll frame. It will keep my even weave nice and taught. The one i have now requires me to adjust it every so often. That gets annoying, pulls/frays the edges, and is contributing to my feelings of failure at this point. I will do some stitching in the meantime while I wait for it to arrive, but I think this new frame is going to help. I also ordered some longer rods at 26” instead of the 22”-24”. Yay for retail therapy.

And. I am not giving up.

Did Altaïr after being demoted to neophyte after being disgraced?

Did Ezio after seeing his father and brothers die and seeing his family name become notorious?

Did Ratonhkhake:ton after watching his mother die, find out his father was not only a Templar, but also behind the fire that killed her, and after being abandoned by his brethren?


Crap. I want to play all of the games again in order. $80 for the entire series on the summer Steam Sale through July 22nd. Tempting!

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