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This is my blog, it is mostly about my craft projects, but I will be also adding in some design related articles here. Stay Tuned!

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Self Reflection

So I have realized a few things while working on this project:

1. It’s difficult. The stitches are so small. I am having a hard time seeing what I am doing.

2. My eyesight is pretty horrible (to see the stitches.) I have astigmatism, it makes everything a bit blurry on the edges and small things require a lot of concentration. I think I will be getting my eyes checked soon. I’d like to try out contact lenses I think.

3. I need a magnifier that is better than the handheld one I got at the craft store, but oh boy they are expensive… On to! I found one that is a lighted floor one, for not too much money. (I can’t find my glasses alas…)

4. I go to sleep exhausted and sleep really well after working and concentrating on this project. Not only have I gotten faster at stitching, my cognitive reasoning and comprehension skills have gotten better, let alone my comminication skills… Even in the morning, after I wake up, before coffee!

5. I’m getting old.

Well, time to put down the iPad and start my nightly stitching.