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This is my blog, it is mostly about my craft projects, but I will be also adding in some design related articles here. Stay Tuned!

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So a couple things have happened that have interrupted my stitching.

1. The frame I currently use is fraying all the edges, which is aggravating. It’s due to the unfinished wood that is split dowels (where you feed the fabric through.) It is also not long enough so the sides are also fraying. I have bought a newer, better one, so will be using that soon… I wouldn’t recommend the FA Edmonds scroll frames going forward. They don’t work so well.

2. Attaching the project to the new frame will require me to hem the edges using my sewing machine. I bought white ribbon that I will fold in half and hem to the fabric.

I’m a little nervous about this because I really haven’t gotten used to using it yet. I have a pretty fun project to learn the machine on, but I’m still nervous.

3. Have had a lot of house guests the last few days. Other people in the house is distracting.

I have bought more evenweave though if things go awry.