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Assassin's Creed IV- Black Flag

Wow, it is beautiful! It reminds me of Brotherhood and Revelations. Brotherhood for the mission style and Revelations for the scenery. There are definite similarities as well to FarCry3 that I am seeing as well.

All very good things. I really enjoyed both of those games. And FarCry3 too.

I played until 4am. Get to play all day today too.

Spoiler Alert- don’t read beyond this point. Unless you want to see my thoughts so far. (I’m about 10-12% in)

Things I like about the game this far:
Edward is very likable (getting very close to the likability of Ezio.)

The scenery is just beautiful.

Movement is very fluid. More than in AC3.

The health bar is back at the top.

Once I figured out how to navigate the Jackdaw, taking out other boats/ships is really fun.

Things I’m so-so/don’t like about:
Chase missions. I really don’t like them. Never had. Never will.

Not so sure about the “being an employee of Abstergo.” It’s weird.

Um. Can’t think of any more dislikes.